2019 Annual Conference | Memphis

Conference Benefits

  • Network with career services and college recruiting colleagues.
  • Get up-to-date information on trends and issues affecting the profession.
  • Learn best practices that you can adapt for your program.
  • Benchmark with like organizations and institutions.
  • Explore new and emerging technologies.
  • Share challenges and solutions with your professional community.
  • Learn about new products and services for the field that can help you cut costs and increase your productivity.
5@5 Session Presentation & Materials
Diversity & Inclusion
Employer Relations
Experiential Education / Assessment
Breakout Sessions Presentations & Materials
A Rockin' Intervention for Major Selection Support
Access Granted/Denied: The Art of Employer Screening
All Shook Up about Student Employee Professional Development
All Shook Up - Planning for Graduation Starting At Orientation
Best Practices for Supporting Online Students
Bridging Campus Employer Relations with "One Voice"
Bridging distance and time zones: Programming to engage international students before they even get here
Building and Renewing Community Within Liberal Arts Institutions
Building Connections: An Employer Relations Guide to Leveraging Technology and Improving Outcomes
"Can't help falling in love" with high response rates: A collaborative effort for post-graduation data collection
Career Advising Consortiums: Leading National Career Conversations Through Niche Groups
Career Branding - What you can do to enhance yours!
Career Conversations: Inclusivity in the Workplace
Careers for Impact: Innovative Connections to Purposeful Employers
Career Treks - Not Just for Students - The Value of Career Center Staff Participating in Career Treks
Coaching Appointments: Changing The Interaction With Measurable Outcomes
Creating Inclusive and Innovative Campus Partnerships: Improving career readiness for work-study students and student employees
Diversity and Inclusion from a Disability Services Standpoint
Employer Relations: How to Avoid being "All Shook Up" in a Liaison Role
Engaging Pre-health Students with Employers: Facilitating Career Exploration through Skills Labs
Expanding Career Services Through Campus Partnerships: A New Approach to Career Development
Experience Mapping: Building Bridges Across Campus
Gaming the System: How gamification enriches career programming
Getting Involved in State Associations and Consortia
"Getting your ducks lined up" External Reviews Unpacked
Group Career Coaching Exposed: How to Plan, Market, and Facilitate
Improving Students' Intercultural Competency for the Workforce
Infusing Career Services in the Classroom with a graded Component
Instructions Included: Practical Recruitment Measures to Enhance Diversity & Promote Inclusion
It Takes A Village: Supporting multicultural and first generation college students through collaborative initiatives and programming
It Takes Two to Tango: Employer Relations and Experiential Education Partnership in Recruitment
NACE Session: Preparing and Sourcing College Talent: Trends and Predictions for the Future
Partnership: NEXT - Engaging Faculty with the Career Center
Piping Talent Via Campus Internships
Teamwork makes the dream work! How athletics works with student-athletes on developing their career plan
Technology 2020 - For Innovation, Efficiency, Accountability, and Survival!
Telling the Story Through Data
The Marathon Continues: Mentors, Coaches, and Sponsors Passing the Baton
The Struggle Is Real: Transforming from a Young Professional to an Emerging Leader
Thinking Beyond the Scope of Corporate Partner Programs: Time and Talent, Without the Treasure
TIMEOUT for Wellbeing: LIVE Your Best Life
Using a Common Language with Faculty: Aligning the NACE Competencies with Accreditation and Exploring Additional Competency Models
Utilizing Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to Encourage Career Development for Students
We Just Did It For The Gram: How to Deliver Effective Marketing via Social Media
"When they see US": The impact of mentorship on career development for African American males
Who is the Student Champion?
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